Transform your outbound business post

OfficeMail is the smart way to handle outgoing business post. Organisations looking to combat rising postage costs, wasted time stuffing envelopes and walking to the Post Box / Mailroom combined with inefficient postal records and data security, need look no further than MailaDoc’s OfficeMail solution.

OfficeMail is the cutting edge Hybrid Mail solution from MailDoc. Our services are fully GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant and ‘closed loop’ by utilising the ITEC data centres.

Say goodbye to unnecessary paper and envelope stores, wasted time and resources sorting out the mail collection.  With OfficeMail, sending physical post is as efficient as sending email and causes zero disruption to the working day.

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Why go Hybrid with OfficeMail?

OfficeMail is a fast, flexible and secure solution streamlining your business post to save your time and add to your productivity. Use your own templates for the mailings, personalise your communications and track the whole journey of your post.


Most cost effective approach to business post

  • Save up to 40% on print and postage
  • No franking machine required
  • No bulk buying of paper and envelopes

Free up staff to focus on more productive tasks

  • Eliminate office labour for traditional mail (never stuff an envelope again!)
  • Staff can send physical letters in just a few clicks
  • Empower mobile and remote staff to post from anywhere

Secure outgoing mail records

  • Track all outgoing post
  • Easily provide evidence and audit trail of your traditional mail
  • Keep secure digital records of physical letters sent out

Set up in minutes

OfficeMail is easy to use and there is no minimum or maximum volume – simply download the print driver and get in touch for us to set up your account to start posting.

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