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Your postage costs will always be a major factor in your decision to use direct mail as a marketing tool regardless of your mailing size. MailaDoc’s aim is to find you the most cost effective prices to suit your mailing needs.

Most postage discounts are dependent on a variety of factors including the presentation of your mail, the quality of data and how your data is sorted. We apply a range of methods and services to ensure that you will receive the highest possible discount on your postage.

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Postal Collections

If you are sending more than 250 unsorted letters or packets a day MailaDoc offers you the perfect solution! We can take away the hassle and expense of paying in advance for your postage AND save you time and money with our Postal Collections Service. We do not charge for postal collections as other providers currently do.

Operating nationally, we can arrange daily collections of mail from your office. There is no need to worry about franking or stamping your mail – we do all that for you. We can even supply you with envelopes free of charge!


Unsorted Mail

If you are sending out a mailing with a lower volume that doesn’t fit into the criteria for sorted mail, we are still able to offer competitive rates of postage in comparison to stamps, franking machines or even Royal Mail postal accounts.


Sorted Mail

By using state of the art software MailaDoc can mailsort your data to achieve the most cost effective solution for your mailing.

This enables us to keep your costs down while we do all the work for you.


VAT free packs

For organisations that can’t reclaim VAT (charities, financial institutions and educational establishments), postage costs can be expensive as they are fully vatable. MailaDoc have established a method where the prices offered are a combination of the wholesale final delivery cost and our logistical costs. Although our logistical costs are vatable, this vatable element is considerably smaller than the original postage cost and therefor saves you money.