Transforming your post

Proudly supporting Legal and Professional Services with a range of agile and proactive mailing formats. 

Enhanced by the 24/7 ability to print and post (where authorised) and supported by document tracking in real time, this is GDPR compliant mail that creates more billable hours for you and your company.

Streamline your customer communication with secure solutions designed to take your law firm or business to the next level. Hybrid Mail and Direct Mail from MailaDoc gives your staff more time to focus on their core responsibilities and complete your mission.  

No contract. No fees. No time commitment.

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OurSmart enables you to use accurate and live data to target potential customers with simple templates. Armed with the right information, you can personalise your Direct Mail campaigns and boost awareness of your services. 

  • Secure, Efficient and Accurate
  • GDPR Compliant Data
  • Personalised Direct Mail Marketing

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail makes communicating with your current and potential customers hassle-free. With the print driver installed on your staff computers, all you need to do is press “print” and hundreds of letters or leaflets or postcards are sent to your customers. We print. We package. We post.

  • Create more time for staff to focus on your customers
  • More time for billable hours
  • High-quality post


SmartMail from MailaDoc eliminates human error and boosts staff productivity. With its automation software, you can identify the clean data you’re using and track every letter you send, making sure it ends up at the right place. 

  • Customisable and flexible
  • Recordable and trackable
  • Easy-to-use and cost effective


Doordrops galvanise your customers as the information you supply them is delivered right to their door. 

  • Mobile First Call to Actions
  • Semi-automated process

Mobile First Interactivity

Maximise your digital investment by using old school Direct Mail to drive customers to your website, landing page or micro-site. Built for the modern working world, this is post taking your business into the future.


20/20 Mailings

Scale your campaigns to target your desired number of customers with 20/20 and 100/100 mailings. 

  • Generate SSTC/SIYA campaigns
  • Personalise messages
  • Self-service printing

Radius Mailings

Determine the size of your target audience and MailaDoc’s customisable radius mailings will turn your personalised campaigns into value-added messaging. 

  • Scale your data size depending on campaign size