Keeping Estate Agents Competitive

Estate Agents are facing significant disruption and change. Start-ups and technology are changing the ecosystem and conventional habits. Don’t get left behind.

MailaDoc’s solutions keep you competitive by saving you time and money.

We simplify marketing that drives more people through your doors with solutions that simplify your back-office processes, prepare, print and deliver powerful communications to your current and prospective customers.

No contracts – No monthly fees – No commitment

Just powerful communications when and how you want them.

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With GDPR, post remains one of the best ways to market your products and services to customers in your area. MailaDoc’s template campaigns are tailored to your needs and bring customers to your door.

  • Fast, efficient and effective
  • GDPR compliant
  • Targeted campaigns

Pull in live additional records with customisable metrics and filters in the user-friendly portal


20/20 Mailings

Send timely ‘template driven’ postcards or extend your reach with a 100/100 mailings or pull live addresses based on property specific filters, all with no hassle.

  • Generate SSTC/SIYA campaigns
  • Auto print & mail
  • Personalised messages

No need to start from scratch


Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail is a remote solution that enables post goes from your desktop to the doormat in just one click. There’s no need to print, sign, fold, frank or walk to the postbox. Free to install GDPR compliant software encrypts your documents and securely transmits them to our commercial fulfilment centre for high quality output. Your letters then join the downstream postal service where they’re delivered at a fraction of the cost.

  • Creates more time for your staff
  • Save up to 40% with optimised postal rates
  • Free Remote ‘printer driver’ sets up remote printing so staff can print and post from anywhere

Mobile-first Interactivity

With ‘mobile first’ as a preference for many you can now create seamless customer journeys by combining the printed and digital Worlds . Drive customers into branch, make responding easy and connect with customer mobiles all with measurable results.

  • Interactive mail sending customers to your website, custom landing pages, survey, or campaign-specific microsite
  • Branch, person or campaign specific customisation

Radius Mailings

When a single street isn’t enough, you can now scale your search radius to a size and profile of your choice, pulling in live targeted data. You can now capitalise on your successes by targeting the wider surrounding area with customised Direct Mail.

  • Scale your data size depending on the size of the campaign
  • Don’t be limited by your current prospect database


Doordrop campaigns remain an impactful way to reach customers.

  • Mobile First call to actions
  • Semi-automated process

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