Increasing your donations

Proudly supporting local and national charities with a range of secure, innovative and cost-effective mailing solutions designed to ‘unsqueeze’ your budget. 

We prepare. We print. We post.  

We transform your campaigns and deliver more donations with targeted Direct Mail campaigns. From letters to members and leaflets to the general public, we activate fundraisers and help you increase your income.  

With data-driven, personalised post, we give you the opportunity to connect with more potential donors where and when you want.  

No contract. No fees. No time commitment.

“The result has been to lower our costs but at the same time to help raise the professionalism of our activity.” Jubilee Sailing Trust

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By combining MailaDoc’s easy-to-use templates with accurate and reliable live data, you can deliver impactful targeted marketing campaigns to potential customers within a customisable radius. 

  • Fast, Efficient and Secure
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Personalised and Targeted Marketing

Hybrid Mail

Maximise your staff productivity with Hybrid Mail, designed to save you time and money. The intuitive print driver makes sending hundreds or thousands of letters, leaflets and brochures easy. All you have to do is press print from your laptop.  

  • Boost staff productivity
  • Up to a 40% saving on postal rates
  • High-quality finish


Reach more customers by kickstarting interactive doordrop campaigns

  • Mobile First Call to Actions
  • Semi-automated process

Mobile First Interactivity

With digitally optimised mail, you guide your customers and donors towards your website, landing page or micro-site, giving them the opportunity to donate with online payments instead of posting a cheque. Modern post for the modern world.