Case Study

Opening the door to Smarter estate agency


Find out how this fast-growing estate agent is saving thousands of pounds and hours of staff time with smart solutions from MailaDoc…

The Customer

The Worcester branch of CJ Hole is a fast-growing franchise that specialises in sales, but also offers a letting service. They specialise in offering excellent customer service based on years of local experience and have quickly earned an outstanding reputation and impressive track record of selling homes.

1 office
7 staff
Sells 90 properties a year

Industry – property
Location – Worcester

The Challenge

Disrupted by new technology and facing increasing competition, estate agents need to be more agile than ever – and CJ Hole Worcester is no exception. MailaDoc, an ITEC-owned subsidiary, took on the challenge, and delivered a new way to work Smarter.

Making marketing work

Like many high-street estate agents, CJ Hole Worcester relies on print marketing to drum up new business. The trouble was, their previous print supplier was inflexible; demanding credits were bought upfront and imposing increasingly lengthy commitment periods.
Worse, the marketing materials, such as ‘20-20’ cards, were often sent out automatically and inaccurately – therefore proving to be a waste of money.

‘The previous automated system simply wasn’t working and we knew we needed a fresh approach.’ – James Wilson, Sales Manager

Driving down costs

A top priority for the team at CJ Hole was to regain control of the marketing material they were sending out – but any changes had to be cost-effective. The market is so competitive that unless a solution saves money, it isn’t a solution.
It was essential that CJ Hole found a printing partner they could truly trust to deliver an affordable, bespoke service.

‘We wanted to regain control of our marketing and find a better way to do things that took less time and cost less money. MailaDoc delivered.’ – James Wilson, Sales Manager

The Solution

MailaDoc offered contract-free, innovative solutions that added more value for less money…

Smarter marketing

MailaDoc set up CJ Hole with Smartbox – an online portal that allows users to create a marketing campaign in real time and send out carefully tailored material immediately.

Using very specific filters, the team could now send out ’20-20’ cards and other marketing material to relevant and carefully chosen addresses at just the click of a few buttons.

The Mailadoc team also set up a microsite for the franchise with a QR code that is printed on marketing material to be easily scanned by potential clients.

‘The new system is simpler and more effective – and now we’re in control of it.’ – James Wilson, Sales Manager.

Signed, sealed, delivered

Along with the previous automated marketing system, the team at CJ Hole also liked to send out targeted sales letters. The trouble was, this took up at least one hour of staff time each day and involved a laborious process of printing, stuffing and sealing around 20 envelopes a day before posting them in person.

MailaDoc introduced OfficeMail. Now, at just the clock of a mouse, marketing letters are encrypted and securely to be printed and posted by the end of the same day. It’s easy, secure and cheaper than the previous approach.

‘As well as saving time, using Office Mail looks more professional and makes it easier to track success rates.Since partnering with MailaDoc, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.’ – James Wilson, Sales Manager

Technical Details

  • Smartbox for targeted 20-20 delivery
  • OfficeMail for hassle free mail marketing



  • Saving 10 hours a week of staff time
  • Saving £2,000 a year
  • Hassle-free, effective professional printing

MailaDoc has shown CJ Hole Worcester how to do their marketing in a way that’s faster, better, and cheaper.

Marketing made Smarter

Thanks to the new system set up by MailaDoc, CJ hole has regained control of its marketing, freed up staff to do other things, and discovered a way to better target potential clients. It’s now also easier to monitor and track the success rate of marketing material that gets sent out. Because letters and cards are only sent to addresses that have been carefully selected and printed only on recyclable material, it’s not just lighter on CJ Hole’s pockets, it’s more sustainable too.

Service: ‘Simply fantastic’

With a cheaper, more effective, Smarter system in place, Mailadoc and CJ Hole Worcester are set to be partners for today, tomorrow and the future.

As with all clients, MailaDoc continues to offer ongoing advice, alongside printing and marketing support.

But that’s not to say MailaDoc has tied CJ Hole into any contract. The beauty of working with MailaDoc on this type of project is that there is no long-term commitment required. In an industry that’s built on contracts, it makes for a refreshing change.

As Sales Manager James Wilson puts it: ‘The service we’ve received from MailaDoc has been simply fantastic and I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered that it wouldn’t cost a penny more than the old system. In fact, it was effectively cheaper.

‘Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference and being able to trust MailaDoc to take care of the printing and marketing for us is a huge weight off my shoulders. We’re getting more for less.

‘The marketing materials and letters made with help from ITEC position us as a team of professional experts who aren’t afraid to innovate – and we’re very proud of that.’

Smarter Working

‘We are saving around 10 hours a week of staff time and around £2,000 a year. Result!.’ – James Wilson, Sales Manager