Case Study

Delivering a mailing solution for modern politics


Find out how this local branch of Conservatives found a simple and sustainable solution to direct mail campaigns that saved time and money – and could be achieved in the tightest of turnarounds.

The Customer

Richmond Park and North Kingston Conservative Association is one of the largest and most active Conservative groups in the country. They organise political campaigns, fundraising and recruitment for the Conservative elected officials and candidates that represent the Richmond Park and North Kingston constituency.

3 paid members of staff
100 volunteers
1 office

Industry – political
Location – London

The Challenge

Getting your message heard is never more important than during a political campaign. But doing it effectively can be challenging. That’s where MailaDoc, a subsidiary of ITEC, comes in.

Richmond Park and North Kingston (RPNK) Conservatives came to MailaDoc in March 2018 after a recommendation from another Conservatives branch. They needed a mailing solution to help them reach voters before the local borough elections – and they needed it fast.

Delivering on a tight time-frame

The turnaround for the project was super-tight – and the biggest challenge. There was an immovable legal deadline that prevented political campaigning material being sent after a certain date, so the pressure was on to get it done, and get it right.

Matters were complicated further by the client being out of touch for a period due to an operation. They needed a company they could trust to get the job done – and MailaDoc delivered.

‘Bad timing meant I was hospitalised for an operation just as the deadline for this project approached, but I knew the project was in safe hands with MailaDoc.’ – Phil Eastment, Agent at RPNK Conservatives.

A personal touch

The nature of political campaigning means different demographics in different areas need to be reached with personalised mail that grabs their attention – and this project was no different. It was important that every aspect including artwork, data, printing, enclosing and postage was carefully managed.

The existing mail system at RPNK Conservatives was expensive and incredibly time-consuming. They had a very large print machine in their office with an expensive maintenance bill. The team was spending hours working on the personalisation, artwork and content of the mail. Then they had to wait for it to print before their army of volunteers could manually stuff the envelopes and deliver them. It was an enormous task – and it was taking its toll on the team.

They needed a stress-free solution that would simplify the process and free up valuable volunteers for more pressing campaign work.

‘After a general election and mayoral elections, our volunteer team were exhausted and we knew our existing way of doing things could be improved. Now, it couldn’t be simpler – and there’s no going back!’ – Phil Eastment, Agent at RPNK Conservatives.

The Solution

A Smarter way to campaign

With a particularly tight turnaround needed, MailaDoc immediately sprung into action and came up with a plan to handle all data work, amends to artwork, print, enclosing and postage. It allowed the team to deliver an effective mailing solution that helped RPNK work smarter; saving them money, time and a whole lot of stress.

‘Working with MailaDoc was so simple compared to our old way of doing things – I emailed all the details, and they took care of the rest’ – Phil Eastment, Agent at RPNK Conservatives

A dedicated team of experts on hand

The minute the data and copy for the letters was received, MailaDoc set to work. With RPNK Conservatives Agent Phil, the main point of contact, set to go into hospital for a planned procedure and the legal deadline for campaign communications fast approaching, the team worked in late shifts to get everything prepared, approved, printed and posted in time.

After tweaking some of the artwork to optimise results, the mail data was sorted to achieve a better postal rate. Then the personalised letters and forms were printed on paper and envelopes that MailaDoc supplied.

For the postal vote recruitment drive, the client chose MailaDoc’s personalised service, so personalised letters and personalised forms along with a business reply envelope were printed and enclosed inside an outer envelope. For the pledge letters, MailaDoc printed and folded an A4 letter and enclosed into a C5 envelope.

The final step was to mail all materials out on the MailaDoc postal account. The final products didn’t just look great, they were on-time – even when time was against us. The letters landed on doormats within just a day or two.

‘We needed a cost-effective solution to reaching voters within an incredibly tight timescale and MailaDoc delivered.’ – Phil Eastment, Agent at RPNK Conservatives

Technical Details

  • 15,000 packs for the postal vote recruitment drive: enclose A4 personalised letter, A4 matching personalised form and a business reply envelope into a C5 outer envelope and post on a 2nd class service.
  • 18 versions of pledge letters for 18 different boroughs: an A4 Letter printed and folded, enclosed into a C5 envelope, including all data work, print, enclosing and postage.


  • Positive correlation between areas targeted with direct mail and election results
  • Money saved
  • Tens of hours of reclaimed volunteer time

With MailaDoc’s help, RPNK Conservatives’ message was heard loud and clear – and it was easy to see the great results it achieved, with a positive correlation between the areas targeted and the election results.

Politics, done Smarter

Since MailaDoc helped RPNK Conservatives to achieve Smarter Working, the team have reclaimed tens of hours wasted on the old way of doing things.

Because they’ve discovered MailaDoc, they’ve been able to get rid of the very large printing machine that was taking up precious space in their small office. They’ve also been able to scrap the expense of maintaining the machine.

With more space and the huge weight of manually handling mail outs, the team at RPNK Conservatives is happier and less stressed, with more energy for more important tasks.

‘Absolutely exceptional’: A relationship to last

RPNK Conservative’s Agent, Phil Eastment, has been working on political campaigns for seven years. In that time, he’s worked with several mail house services – but none provided the quality of service that MailaDoc offers as standard.

‘MailaDoc’s service has been, by far and away, the best mailing company I have used. From providing fast turnaround on quotes, to assisting with artwork and delivering projects to agreed deadlines, the service has been, in a word, fantastic.

‘The team stayed late to ensure everything got done and the standard of customer service was absolutely exceptional. There’s no doubt that we will be working on future campaigns together.’ – Phil Eastment, Agent at RPNK Conservatives

Smarter Working

‘Each mailing project used to take up about 10 hours of volunteer time – now it’s done in minutes. Working Smarter works for us’ - Phil Eastment, Agent at RPNK Conservatives