For some mailing campaigns, poly enclosing your mail might be the most effective delivery option.

This is a great solution for getting your materials seen as soon as they arrive on your customer’s doormat and can be just as ecologically friendly as using paper envelopes.

We use recyclable polythene & bio-degradable polythene which will typically be sent with a personalised carrier sheet with your customers address details on. However for larger runs it is also possible to use pre-printed polythene wrap with all of your customers details printed directly onto the polythene.

The poly enclosing lines can enclose DL, C5 & C4. We can wrap up to eight items at a time and at up to 6000 wraps an hour.

Poly wrapping is usually a cheaper and lighter option in comparison to paper envelopes, meaning that you could save money on postage by keeping your weights down. Also, the added advantage of making your mailing immediately visible to your customers as soon as it reaches their doorstep can increase your chance of having your direct mail being opened.