Market Testimonials

Choosing Mailadoc as our mailing solutions partner has been one of the best decisions made in the last 12 months.
Many mailing houses aren’t financially viable for small businesses and when we’ve been sending out brochures to our mailing list we’ve been doing it all ourselves by hand, as well as buying envelopes, labels and stamps. Finding Mailadoc has saved us around five days of time twice a year as well as saving several hundred pounds of costs on each mailing – enough to enable us to consider sending out brochures more frequently and thereby improving communication with our audiences. Recommend them unreservedly.
Paul *


Our company has been using the services of MailaDoc for several months now.
We have found Jon and Nevil at MailaDoc to be proactive in identifying the areas where they can save time and cost in our business. They have been extremely helpful throughout the process of setting up the necessary systems and software. Most importantly, we can always contact them when we need to.
Although it is early days, we have already saved significant amounts of money both in direct cost savings but also in staff time, eliminating large amounts of routine admin and enabling the time saved to be focused on our business.
Rob *


“We contacted Mail A Doc and got such a swift response from Ryan I was initially taken aback. He was efficient, courteous and was very obliging to talk to. Subsequently the work was ordered and carried out with the minimum of fuss. Yes, the price was competitive, but the hassle free factor was a big one for us. Even when we contacted Ryan a bit before hand with data issues, he sorted them swiftly and with no dramas. I like that.”
Tim *


“I commissioned MailaDoc to arrange postage for two separate postcard campaigns for my clients and they were able to provide a much more competitive quotation than Royal Mail and that included laser printing the addresses onto the cards.
My client was delighted as I saved them time and £££. As they’re a Design company this made me very happy too.
I would highly recommend that any company doing direct mail speak to Nevil at Mailadoc. He is an absolute professional and a lovely man to work with.
Thank you Nevil”

Adam *


“I was absolutely sick and tired of printing out my sales letters at the end of each day, and then having to mail them as well. Nevil found me through a business forum, where I was moaning about this and needing a solution. He gave me a no nonsense whistle stop explanation of how his service could save me all that aggro and then some. The some being time and money.
And here’s the best bit, the real warm gushy feeling…. – the feedback from the service has been outstanding. It’s always a bit of a leap of faith when outsourcing anything that you do, especially as a small company, however, in this instance – I’ve been violently impressed! Best of luck with the business and I’m telling everyone about it!”

Michelle *